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After 15 years of using Nokia devices I thought it was about time to say what I think but trying not to be too serious about this. For instance my two Maine coons Del and Rodney have some very important things to say so I thought it necessary to include them.

Monday, 15 November 2010

Nokia Camera's Down the Years

We have graciously given Daddy permission to write a post on our blog. So we take absolutely NO responsibility for the quality, accuracy or interest level in this blog post.

These days having a camera on your phone is pretty much a basic requirement, however many years ago (some of you might not remember) through the mists of time, it was a pretty cool and new thing to have. So I thought I would take you back to that time, 2002 saw the release of the Nokia 7650 sporting a VGA camera. VGA I here you say, yes VGA! A whopping 640x480 resolution camera. Not exactly mind blowing by today's standards but it was damn cool back then. Unfortunately my 7650 would not oblige me with an image, so I had to turn to my 3650 which was released later the same year and incidentally, was the first Nokia cameraphone to go to the US market. So for those of you that remember here is a blast from the past, for those of you that do not, well this is what we oldies had to put up with. So if you feel like complaining about your cameraphone just look what we used to put up with!! Oh and by the way the early cameraphones did not have flash of any kind, yes thats right NO flash, no LED, no Xenon, nothing.

So here is a trip down memory lane for those that remember!

The Nokia 3650 - camera resolution 640 x 480 (0.3Mp) - released 2002

The Nokia 7610 - camera resolution 1152 x 864 (1.0Mp) - released 2004

The Nokia N70 - camera resolution 1600 x 1200 (2.0Mp) - released 2005

The Nokia N93 - camera resolution 2048 x 1536 (3.2Mp) - released 2006

The Nokia N95 - camera resolution 2582 x 1944 (5Mp) - released late 2006

The Nokia N86 - camera resolution 3264 x 2448 (8Mp) - released 2009

The Nokia N8-00 - camera resolution 4000 x 3000 (12Mp) - released 2010

Hope you enjoyed that little trip and maybe brought back some fond memories of devices now gone.

Thursday, 4 November 2010

Weather It Is or Weather It Is Not - The Purrview

You might be asking why would two gaming, housebound, Maine Coons have any interest in the weather?". Well the answer is simple, occasionally we're allowed out on our leads and as we have delicate pads on our paws, we like to keep them warm wherever possible. So we need to know when this white stuff is going to arrive:

In this type of weather, we need to psyche ourselves up and be mentally prepared!! Oh and before any of you out there say "why don't you just wear something to stay warm!" - Come on! Do you really expect two large Maine Coon bruisers like us to go outside looking like this pussy:

So here are four free weather apps available and what they say about the weather.


First up is Weather Touch by Offscreen. This is the simplest of all the weather apps and only shows this page with a symbol to show that it's cloudy and what the current temp is (in either °C or °F). It also predicts the temperatures for later in the current day.


World Traveller gives a bit more detail than Weather Touch but you may also notice the forecast is different - not only does it say that it's cloudy but also rain has appeared. The temperature reading I believe is a min and max for the day, rather than a current temperature. This application also shows a forecast for the next 5 days as well though. And, to be fair, Psiloc World Traveller also does timezones, flights (premium service), as wellas a globe showing day and night zones, A "Safe" application for card data (Premium service), Currency converter and travel planner (coming soon). It also has a nice pop-up at the start of each day (time can be set) to tell you the weather today.

In terms of weather forecasting the next two applications are the big boys (much like my brother Del)


As you can see from these screen shots Forecaweather is much more detailed. So if you are a weather JUNKY and like or even understand this stuff, then this maybe the app for you. You get, current conditions, short forecast, long forecast, weather radar, temperature map, precipitation, symbol map, wind map, cloud map and satellite map. Pretty darn detailed I must say and it's FREE


Accuweather like Forecaweather gives a lot more detail, just in a different style. We like the fact you can save multiple locations (sorry, Daddy forced us to say that). So if you are planning a holiday you can save that location and get the weather forecasts before you go (and abandon your pussy cats, leaving them with strangers who just do not get us!!). Accuweather is not quite as detailed and geeky (weather geeky) as Forecaweather but it gives more than enough detail for us: cold, damned cold or white stuff - what else does a cat care about?